Day 92: weigh-in and a Run

Today was the first day of my december running challenge. I got up and went for a run. More like attempted a run. anyways I’m getting back in the game slow and steady. I did 2.85mi/ 4.5K in about 4o minutes. I ran half of it and walked the other half back home. my fastest 5K is about 29 minutes and i am slowly building back up to that. tomorrow is another day and another run.

I also weighed in today. I almost didn’t because I’m mid cycle, bloated cramping and generally in a bad mood with the need to eat everything and not exercise ( I keep alternating with the need to eat everything followed by not wanting to see food……. oh but its had to be a woman).


I bit the bullet as one might say and stepped on the scale lo and behold 168.2 thats a loss this week of .4lb. now this might not seem like a lot to anybody else, but I have NEVER lost weight when aunt flo is in town. I ALWAYS gain. in fact I always gain an average of 5lbs most of it just from bloating. Happy dance. I’m hopping that next week when I step on the scale i’ll see and even lower number as the bloat goes down. I didn’t eat perfectly but I averaged 51g of carbs and my calories stayed in the 1400-1500 range. had some rice and chocolate though. damn-it because i was in pain and deserved it.( thats what I tell myself 🙂 I drank a lot of water and lots of tea.

Last week weight 168.6
This week’s weight = 168.2
weight to mini- goal = 8.3
days left= 30

This weekend I plan on working on my goals and progress pages. they have been neglected and i think i’ll add some pics of my progress. I was looking at old pictures on myself and WOW! just wow.