Day 82: Blog love

Sunshine award

Got nominated for a blog award. The sweetest thing anyone has done for me in the blogosphere.

I got it from Shannon over at moveEatCreate. Check out her blog. She has got lots of witty posts and great recipes and she makes stuff too. One stop shop.

I now have to post a link of the person who nominated me. Nominate ten other blogs and answer 10 questions about myself.

1.  Who is your favorite philosopher

Socrates (Plato). I majored in Political science as an undergrad and as a result was completely influenced by Socrates writing through his student Plato. The one quote that has stuck with me an influenced the way I live my life is this. “  An unexamined life is not worth living”

2.What is your favorite number:

I always say seven. I have no idea why but that is the number that pops into my mind when I am asked.

3.What is your favorite animal

Dogs. Always faithful and ready to please

4.     What is your favorite time of day?:

Right before falling asleep. Especially when you are so tired that the bed is a welcome place. Also because I get so little sleep I cherish every moment of it.

5.What are your Facebook and twitter:

I don’t have a twitter or Facebook for this blog. But I’m thinking of getting a twitter for the veggiereader.

6. What is your favorite holiday:

back when I lived in the states, it was thanksgiving. Mostly coz of all the food and hanging out with friends. Now I think its new year. When else can we make resolutions we have no intentions of keeping

7. What is your physical favorite activity?

Running. I feel like a champ when I’m doing it. Even when I am as slow as a tortoise. There is also a feeling of achievement that comes with running that I don’t think exists with other types of exercise

8. What is your favorite non alcoholic drink:

Cofeeee…… cofeeeeee. I walk into a coffee shop and the smell alone makes me the happiest girl in the room.

9. What is your passion:

Knowledge, learning discovering new things( see question one) I also have a fear of getting into a conversation and not knowing what others are talking about therefore I want to know everything about everything or maybe a little bit about everything so I can jump into any conversation.

10. What is your favorite flower:

White lilies. They are gorgeous and simple.

My nominees for the sunshine award











4 thoughts on “Day 82: Blog love

  1. Oh my gosh! I just “liked” your post before even seeing my blog mentioned on it… Lol! You are too kind, in any case- thanks so much :D. Congrats to you on the well deserved recognition! Wonderful responses you gave to those questions. All the best to you 🙂 xx

  2. Thanks for the nomination. It was so nice of you to even consider me. I have only been running for a month or so and I’m in love with it. It’s amazing that people are even reading what I’m writing. I’m glad that there are other black girls running and encouraging each other to run a little bit further.

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