Day 76 : more marathon talk

Marathon day kit

3 Days left.

Im alternating between “yay I can do this” and ” what the fuck have I gotten myself into”
I don’t really feel like this is happening and so I decided to take a picture of my Kit and make a list of everything I will need for race day.

tomorrow I plan on going to shop for all my needs. get some sports drinks, some energy bars and any other thing I might need. I did not run at all today but plan on doing a short run tomorrow Morning in my marathon Kit just to put my self in the mood.I will dress full out as if I am going for the race.

here is a little bit on what I plan to eat before the race for breakfast.
banana and peanut butter and an energy bar and some water. nothing heavy for me.

I stated adding more carbs to my meals this week. I decided that I wont take the risk of going low carb because i am already stressed out as it is. I’m drinking lots of water and trying to stay away from alcohol.

All my siblings are coming to town to support my brother and I during the race. the only problem with this is that they will also be celebrating my belated birthday on saturday and they are committed to getting me drunk.( great support aren’t they?) i think I will test how much i want to complete this race by how much I focus and  not get off track.

Nothing more to report today. The whole weight loss thing is on hold until I get done with the race. I now I have done absolutely nothing to wards my goal in the past couple of weeks but I already have a plan I will share on monday.



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