Day 75: My First marathon: The Eldoret Kass marathon

If any of you are avid major marathon watchers or runners, they you have no doubt heard of the Kenyan runners from Eldoret.

I come from Eldoret and I will be running my first marathon in the most daunting situation I can think of. Eldoret is nicknamed “ the city of champion”. Eldoret is where most of the runners come from and train.


The kass marathon is organized by two-time marathon runner Tanui and the world fastest marathoner Geoffrey Mutai with a time of 2.03.02 when He did the Boston marathon.  His Half Marathon, with a best of 59 minutes 30 seconds (4:33 per mile pace), to his name.(Holly Fuck) He also won the 2011 New York City Marathon with a time of 2 hours 5 minutes and 5 seconds (4:46 per mile pace), breaking the course record set by Tesfaye Jifar of Ethiopia in 2001. The Kass course is IAAF approved.

Time envy anyone????


As if this isn’t intimidating enough. I’m going to be the fattest person running the race. I swear my thigh is like three times the size of other runners. Oi if I finish this race I will be unstoppable.

ugh. look at all those skinny runners. envy 😛

I dont really want to look like this but if I could transform before a race to have this form i would sell my soul.


My race is on Sunday and I have to be at the start at 5:45 am.  This means I have to be up by 4am, eat something and be on my way to the start. The start point is out of town and about 45-minute drive away. The only thing that makes me feel good about this is that I will be running with two of my brothers. I’m just gonna ignore the fact that they are both thin and over 6 ft tall each. I think I will have to take 2 steps for each of their one at my 5ft3.


I have decided that I will be running 5K each morning everyday from today until Saturday. I know that taking a rest doesn’t work for me so I decided on an easy 5K each morning to keep me ready.


Today I had weird run. I haven’t been out running since my 12K on Sunday and was getting off a cold. I did not feel like getting up and kept hitting the snooze for about 30 minutes. At 6am, I finally got out and started my 5K. I was sluggish; I was feeling heavy and gassy. It was horrible. These are the times when I wonder if I can run a full 42K. Anyways I ran past some professional runners who I am sure are training for the marathon and this fired me up. I finally got into my grove and was running up hills and increasing my pace. By the time I was finishing my run, I was feeling fresh and ready to go another 10K. I think I am learning my body slowly. It takes mea bout 5K to get into the grove of running and my body kicks in. I hope this will prove true for the Full. I am hopping I can get the first 20K in at a really good pace and still have energy to complete the next 20K.


I am still struggling with doubt but its getting better with time. I hope I am not the only one who feels this before their first marathon.


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