Day 74: Marathon essentials

Day 74: Marathon essentials

So I have been scouring the internet to make sure I am completely prepared for the marathon and here are a few of the essentials I think one would need, of course I might have to revise the list after I actually participate in one.

Three  F’s of running your marathon

– Fluids

– Fuel

– Fun


–       Granny pack:
you are gonna need someplace to keep all your essentials. Something small and light will go a long way to help you have everything you need within reach. Pockets can get bulky and leave you uncomfortable. To fill it up too much. You do not need the extra weight during your run.


Layering– be ready to get rid of some clothing items or adding them depending on the weather.

Wear the clothes that you will run in before the race. You should be comfortable in your shoes and clothes and know how warm or cold you will be.

–       Fuel
make sure you are well fueled before and after during the race. Most experts think you should load up on complex carbs the day before but mostly during the day. Your evening meal the night before should not be too heavy.  You should not eat less than 3 hrs before the race. You might have to get up ealy to eat something.

–       Mental stamina
I truly believe running is a mental game. Try and eliminate self doubt( I am dealing with this right now) our body has limits but our mind can conquer them if we put our mind to it. I’m picturing myself running and finishing and a few inspirational quotes to have running through your mind wont hurt.

–       The playlist
you will be out there for about 4-5 hours. Unless you’re a Kenyan runner (which I am ;-P but cant run a 2hr full if my life depended on it) so you might want something that keeps your rhythm going or your mind of the actual running. Make this a fun list. Something that pumps you up when you sing along. You can also inspire yourself by making it timed and knowing that it will run out at a given time lapse. I made mine 5.2hrs long. I need to get finished by then.

–       BYOTP (Bring your own tissue paper)
Carry some Tissue for the Loo. Nothing worse than going to the potty and realizing there is no tissue and you still have 10 miles to go. Ya get???

–       Apply a thin layer of Vaseline on your feet and between your toes- this helps avoid blisters

–       Don’t waste time at water stops,

Head to the last table as it has les people and also make minimal bathroom stops. Time is of the essence here

we got this

I think it is better to maintain a steady pace and run most of the way than run fast and have to walk some of the way. The adrenaline at the beginning of a race can make you feel invincible. You take off to fast and lose steam quickly. There is a reason slow and steady wins the race.


If I have left out something you think is essential, please feel free to add to the list in the comment section. I am sure people who have run actual marathons have a lot more insight on how the race actually goes.

Oh a not so happy note. My cold is still persisting. Ugh I am eating a ton of oranges and getting plenty of rest and fluids. Race day is 5 days away.




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