Day 70: The hard truth

My marathon is in 12 days and I haven’t had a run in 8.

I have been sick for the past week and I had no control over it but yesterday morning I could have run but instead, I sat back down and watched the presidential elections. Ugh. I don’t have my priorities straight.

I am SCARED. I still plan on going through with the run but I’m not sure I can finish.  I just need some confidence boost that I can do it. Not sure how to convince myself.


Today I started getting my grove back on I ran 5K in the morning, which is nothing for someone who needs to run a full marathon. Tomorrow my plan is to try and get in 15K and also get in some serious cardio. My food has improved today and I hope I can get back on track. I’m almost certain I wont be losing any weight this week. I just hope I maintain coz I don’t think I ate that badly. J


2 thoughts on “Day 70: The hard truth

  1. Don’t push yourself to hard leading up to your race day. If you have been sticking with a good training plan prior to being sick, you most likely will finish. Just stick with what running schedule you are supposed to be doing on the days leading up to the race-cramming in a long run when not on the schedule won’t help you. You may have to alter your race plan come race day, depending on your goals. If you are feeling well. chest cold, or other, and you are going to race, take it easy on yourself. Good luck!

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