Day 62: The half marathon that turned into a 10K

Finally back into the blogging world. Was away this weekend to run my Half marathon but as you can see from the title of the post that did not happen.

First of the Marathon was in Nairobi, Kenya. It was the Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon and it was all going to a good course. The theme was “Run for a reason, seeing is believing.” The money raised from the marathon was to go towards helping prevent blindness in children under the age of 9. Since its inception in 2003, it has helped over 4000 children countrywide.


Seeing is Believing

The marathon was on Sunday and I was running with my brother Norb, two other brothers were too lazy to run so they came as spectators.  The marathon was organized in 3 shifts. The first was the full marathon and participants had to be there by 6am and the start time was 7am, I was to be in the second shift that would sign in at 6:30 and the start time would be 7:30am, the last was the 10K which was to get off at 8 am. There was also the family run that was a 5k for school kids and those who were out juts for a little fun.

To make a long story short, I was late. Norb forgot to bring his running kit and had to go back to his college room to pick it up, this wouldn’t have been a problem except all the major roads were closed for the marathon and the traffic was bumper to bumper.  We got there 30 minutes late and were just in time for the 10K. The half marathon folks had left over 30 minutes before. Was I fucking pissed. I got over it fast though and I ended up enjoying the 10K. I did it in about 70 minutes, which was pretty bad. We did end up walking for a bout 1K of it.

Me and my bro before teh Race



This race really made me doubt if I am ready for the full I will be running in about 3 weeks. It was only a 10K and I felt pretty burnt out. After a bit of thinking, I have decided that I need to change my running schedule and kick it up a notch. Oh and here is a picture of the Full marathon, in Eldoret. If you have never heard of Eldoret its where all the Kenyan runners come from. A lot of them will be at this Race and if that wasn’t intimidating enough, the hills on this race are pretty damn scary( what the fudge am I gonna do) I’m putting on a brave face. I’m glad I participated in this race coz it taught me a few things about myself.

Route of the Eldoret marathon i'm running in 3 weeks

What I learned about myself (when it comes to running)

1. I don’t need carbs. I ate some cereal before the run and it gave me the worst stitch ever. I also did not feel the need to up my sugar during the run. The Full marathon my need an energy bar midway but breakfast will be an omelet

2. I don’t need to rest before the rest. I red up on runners world that a two-day rest is the best preparation for a race. Ummm….. apparently not for me. I felt unprepared and rusty because I had not moved my feet for two days. I think I will take long hard walks before the race so that my muscles don’t forget how to move

In other news, I weighed in after my trip, which by the way was full of bad eating and a lot of alcohol, and I had lost 200g for a new weight of 167.8. Not too bad. Lets hope the scale keeps moving down. The biggest impediment to my running is my weight. It needs to get down proto.

Ps. WP wont let me upload pics. will do it later after I figure out the problem

Elite runners doing the 42K. fastest time was 2.10

After the race, we borrowed some medals from the full marathon runners to take ics with. :/

me my bro DJ UV and Norb with the marathon clown

I did it; the 10k that is

My Bro 🙂


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