Day 56: The one with the Psycho scale


First of I got a great comment yesterday about eating more. I know in the long run eating at a low net caloric deficit is not good for me. Even though I am eating about 1400-1600 calories a day, I am burning about 1000 and not eating any of it back. I just feel like if I eat all my exercise calories back, I will be over-eating and will gain weight. This is a mental game.  I need to be able to eat what my body needs and not feel guilty about it.

It will take me some time to get to that place. I have been over eating for so long and I am just now trying to teach my body to eat what it needs.


Today I did no go for my run. I got up and just thought that I need rest before the race and went back to sleep. Now a few hours later I feel guilty. I jut think that I was lazy and making excuses about rest so as not to run. I am only 2 days away from my race and I need to finish this half in order to prove to myself that I can complete the full marathon next month.


Because I wont be around on Sunday to weight in, I decided to step on the scale today to see how my new low carb is going. My scale went Crazy.

My previous weight was 170.0 . When I got on this morning I saw a 161.2 !!!!!!! What???? I couldn’t believe it.  No way had lost about 9 pounds in less than a week. So I got back on and what do I see 164.0. TWICE!!!!!!. Now I am completely confused and kinda pissed off.

I turned off the scale and got back on again. I got a 162 twice and 165.8 at least 3 times. So this morning’s trip on the scale gave me a range between 161-165. I have no idea what weight to put down but to be on the safe side I will note it down the highest weight of 165.8. Either way, I should be glad that I am out of the 170’s. I wouldn’t be surprise if I got back on and was back to the 70’s. That’s how nuts my scale seems to be.


At any rate, going back to my low carb ways sees to be working for me. I haven’t been as strict as I was before and have been averaging about 100g this week. I think I will keep it there unless I plateau again and need to lower it again.


I wont be able to get on here again until after my race. I will be out of town with 3 of my younger brothers. This means its will be noting but junk food and alcohol for three whole days. Dear lord give me the strength to resist all of it.  I will track everything and be absolutely honest with myself. I plan of getting some healthy snack in my bag like nuts to help me fill up and resist the junk.

My race is on Sunday and I hope I can finish the whole 21KM. I will not be setting a time goal and I will be doing it on low cab. I think I have read enough from others who run low carb and this will be my test before my Full marathon. I might carry an energy bar just incase I feel I need it.


I have types up a bunch of recipes and taken pictures. Will need to put them up soon. I just need time to organize it all.


Have a great weekend everyone and make great choices. (I hope I can)



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