Day 51: The one with a bit of TMI

Here are yesterday’s stats

Calories: 1460

Net carbs: 162(very bad. Had a lot of rice mostly because I hadn’t prepared my food)

Protein: 64 g

Water: 3.85 liters (under my 4L goal)

Exercise: 749 cals

Distance: 11.03Km

Plank: first 60 sec and second 25 sec (goal is to get to 2 minute planks)


I think I am getting back on track with my weight loss goals. Yesterday was not as great as I had hoped with my eating. Went over my carbs by about 100g (not good) but other than that, I think my calories, water and exercise was not perfect but definitely improved.

I have all my food ready for the rest of this week. It’s mostly going to be soups and salads. I made two soups yesterday (recipes and pictures coming soon) cabbage and butternut squash. I also made some TVP sausage patties that were deliciousssssss.


*Warning a bit of TMI and bodily functions.

So this is a problem I have had when I go for long runs. I looked it up on the internet and I am glad I am not the only one. Well the thing is that sometimes I feel the need to (how to I put this delicately) PO

Morning run. 1 really hope to get my 10K closer to the hour mark

OP during my runs. Today was especially pretty bad. I had my 10K easy run and I was so backed up that I thought there was no way I could make it through my run. It started giving me tummy aches and I felt that I really needed to go which was not an option seeing that I was 5K in and had no where to go. Uuughhh I need some clues on how to avoid this. It really slows me down and I can’t have this happen during my Half and full marathon coming up in the next few days. I think the culprit was the Weetabix I ate before my run. Does this mean I cant eat before my runs?? This is going to be a problem because I need to carb up before my runs if I’m going to run without losing steam midway.


I need to find a solution soon.


The plan for today I to keep a tight watch on my carbs. I think they will be higher than I would like because of the Weetabix I eat before my run. My only hope is that I burn them off and they don’t turn into fat in my body.


Make good choices today.





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