Day 53: I have been a very bad girl


Lets get the bad news out the way. On Sunday, I weighed in at 170.0 lbs. after the week I had I honestly thought it would be worse.


Last week: 169.4

This week: 170.0

Weight gain 600g


So I haven’t been on here since Wednesday and it hasn’t been very pretty.

There really isn’t any excuse for my behavior and this morning while in bed I realized that my mind isn’t focused on weight loss as it had been the past few months. I am not really watching what I am eating and not planning ahead.


A few months ago, I had a menu and knew what I would be eating throughout the week. Breakfast lunch and dinner. I would make my own food that is separate from my family and cook two separate meals. This pat month, I couldn’t be bothered. I eat everything they eat even though I know its bad for me. I am just too lazy.


The only exercise I have been doing is running for my marathon training, no ab work or any type of strength training. Today, I was too lazy to even get up to go to my run. I feel like I have become a fat lazy slob again. My body doesn’t feel as strong as I did a few weeks ago. The weird thing is that I am only 5 pounds up from my lowest weight.  But that 5 pounds has done a lot of damage. My stomach feels puffy, I feel unmotivated to move and I have no self-control when it comes to eating carbs.  The surprising thing is that I haven’t binged or eaten over my calories even once. I haven’t eaten any junk or processed food except for some fries I had on Thursday.  My calories have been low but my carbs have been upwards of 250 a day. I guess for my body, a calorie is not a calorie. I know there are those who think that as long as you eat less than you burn you should be losing weight; that theory doesn’t work for me.

I also went drinking with my siblings, which is something I haven’t done in about six months. I was totally sotted and this made me make bad eating choices. The hangover the next day meant that I missed my runs.


So what am I gonna do about this. First of, my birthday goal is out the question. I don’t think I can lose 11 pounds in the next 2 weeks. So I have a more sensible plan.

And it starts today.

  • I am making a cabbage soup that I will be having for lunch for the week. I will alternate this with having a salad.
  • For breakfast, I will make my famous TVP patties and will have those with a scramble egg and maybe some avocado.
  • For supper, I will be making a butternut-nut squash soup (recipe coming up) and will be having this with a salad. The salad will be some Thai inspired tofu and some green veggies.
  • My plan is to stay under 50g of carbs and have my calories between 1400-1200
  • Water intake is to be at around 4 liters.

I know this sounds a bit monotonous, but I need to make everything in advance so that I am not lazy and tempted to eat off track. \

My brother singed me up for a half marathon this Sunday and my plan this week is to prep for it. I will be running Monday- Friday and rest on Saturday.


Here is my plan.

Monday – 10-mile fast walk

Tuesday – 6 miles/9.6K Easy

Wednesday- 15K easy

Thursday – 5 miles/8K with 5K@ tempo

Friday- 3 miles/5K at tempo

Saturday –Rest

Sunday – RACE day


I know the best training for a race a few days before is rest, however, I run better when I have been consistently out running.

I also plan on doing some ab-work and strength training everyday this week. I think I need some strength in order to feel like and active again. I will be doing the Kardio Killer workout I posted a few days ago.


I will get back to posting my daily stats at the end of the day. I think this keeps me accountable.

I hope that if I can keep this goal at the back of my mind for the next two weeks, I should be able to get firmly out of the 70’s by my birthday on the fourth of November.





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