Day 48: I must be F@$%*& Nuts

So today my younger brother talked me into joining him for a half marathon in about 11 days. He is 19 and I finally talked him into getting healthy and running and I feel I need to support him in this.

The problem is, I signed us both up for a full marathon on the 18th of November that would be 21 days after the half. Part of me thinks that 21 days is enough for me to rest and get back up for the full but I’m also afraid that I’m pushing it too hard.

Anyway its done. Registration has been sent in and I guess I’m running a half in about 11 days. Is there anyone out there who signs up for a race 11 days before??

Went for my 10K this morning. My Nike froze 7k into the run and I had to stop and reset it. This totally there off my mojo and I lost my pace. Lets just say the rest of my 10k was a walk. Tomorrow is my rest day. I’m gonna cross train and I have a work out that is high cardio and is called the fat burner deluxe. I got it from an app and it really gets the heart rate up.

Friday is my long run 13 miles at tempo.I’m planning ahead and taking an energy bar with me. I think a sugar boost mid run is what will get me through.

Talking about food, my carbs are out of control. I’m pretty sure that’s what holding my weighloss back. It seems it doesn’t matter how low my calories are as long as I’m eating rice and bread, I’m at a standstill. I’m hardly eating my exercise calories back. I know there are those who swear by eating them back but it doesn’t work for me. I sometimes i’ll eat them sometimes I wont. I need to be lighter in order to run faster. My goal is to be a great runner and these extra 20 pounds are weighing me down. My ultimate goal is to lose weight. Running at this point is secondary.

Daily stats: Tuesday 10/16

Total calories : 1453
Exercise calories : 597
Water : 18 glasses
Carbs : 196 (higher than yesterday. My carbs are out if control)
Protein :55g
Miles run :5.52
Plank : 0 minutes. (2nd day and no plank, I’m never getting a six pack at this rate.)

Make good choices. I know I’ll try.


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