Day 47: Mid run advice from other runners~ Yay or nay?

The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start. -John Bingham

Daily stats: Monday 10/15

Total calories : 1609
Exercise calories : 1051
Water : 18 glasses
Carbs : 187 g (pretty darn high WTF)
Protein :64g
Miles run :10
Plank : 0 minutes -I’m a loser.

Today was my 5 miles with 3 mikes at tempo. Well I was exhausted and did not even feel like going out. I also did not eat anything before my run and I am now a firm believer that I need to eat something before my runs. Some weetabix and milk really gives me the energy I need to power through my runs. I did manage to do the 3 miles at tempo but pretty much crashed the last two miles and did a lot of walking.

On a different note. What do people feel about mid run advice from other runners.
It drives me nuts. I’m sure they mean well but ugh I always wanna scream back at them “you dont know me! ”
Yesterday during my run some guy was telling me I need to wear a jacket during my morning run. Now I usually run at about 5:30 am and its a bit chilly. I leave the house in a sweatshirt but usually take it off a couple miles in when I have picked up my pace and my body is warm and I’m even breaking a sweat. I run better when I am cool. I like to feel the breeze right through me coz it bakes me feel freeeeee like a bird (lol)
Anyways,so I was a little peeved when the guy felt like he needed to tell me to put my sweatshirt that was tied around my waist.

The other thing I hate is when I’m taking a walking break and someone feels the need to helm me I should run more. Ummm at this point I’m probably a couple miles into my run and some random guy is suggesting I’m lazy. This drives me nuts.
Or maybe I’m over reacting.

I like runners who nod or wave hello. It makes me feel like I’m in some type of secret club and we all know each other even though all we do is wave at each other in the morning. But the advice, I really don’t need it.

32 days to marathon. Today I’m going to watch my carbs. Yesterday was a disaster.

Make good choices today.


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