Day 46: weekly goals and marathon prep

Day 46: weekly goals and marathon prep.

I have no idea what the hell is going with my weight loss.
I gaining and losing the same 3 pounds when though my exercise is consistent and I NEVER go over my calories. I track daily and really work on keeping my carbs under control. Still nothing. Its really driving me nuts. I want to try and increase my calories but I’m terrified of a weight gain. Right now I’m pretty sure my gains are water and bloating. But if I increase calories. The gains will be fat. Ugh.

I have a few recipes I plan on sharing as soon as I get ky computer working. I also want to work on my blots and add more pictures of my self and my progress. I feel the more I invest in this blog, the better my weight loss will be.

Goal for this week.
° drink atleast 3.5 litres of water.
° blog my daily starts at the end of the day. This include my carbs, calories, water, exercise calories and protein
° push myself with my marathon training
° complete my goal of running 75K this week.

Here is my marathon training schedule. I have just a little over a month left.

Week 2 (10/15-10/21)

Monday : Morning 5K/3 miles run at tempo. Afternoon 10k walk

Tuesday : 5 miles / 8k easy with 5k @ tempo- my goal is to set a temp I can sustain at 10min/mile

Wednesday : 6 miles /9.6k easy

Thursday: – cross training. I will do some strenght training to build muscle in my legs. And maybe a 5k walk.

Friday : long run 20k/ 12.5 miles

Saturday : repeat Tuesday – 5miles/8k easy

Sunday : repeat Wednesday 6 miles /9.6k

Have a good week. And make good choices.


One thought on “Day 46: weekly goals and marathon prep

  1. I love that “Have a good week. And make good choices” made your list! Great idea that I will be borrowing for my lists.

    Looks like you are right on track for your upcoming Marathon.

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