Day 42: self doubt then I can

Running is a big question mark that’s there every single day. It asks you “are you going to be a wimp today or are you going to be strong. -peter Maher

It was actually a little over 10mi. My ipod froze.

First of I’m completely off schedule because I woke up thinking today was friday and therefore time for my long run 10 mile At tempo(7-8 min /km). 1 mile in and I was like wait a minute, today’s Thursday my cross training day. Well it was 5:30 am in the morning and there was no turning back.

I have been super excited about my marathon. I keep telling myself I’m going to finish this race even if I have to die and cross the finish line as a zombie. I know running a marathon is not a small feat. But I really believe I can finish.

So today when I got up, I ate my weetabix and the whole time thinking I don’t think I can do this. I was so sure there was no way I could run the whole 10 mile at tempo. I was talking myself out of going for the run. I was telling myself maybe I should just go for a shorter run because there was no way I could do ten miles. I was experiencing a pretty serious case of self doubt. I pushed it at the back of my mind and went out for the run.
The weather was perfect because it had rained the night before. The sky was grey and there was a great cool breeze. Perfect running weather.

As I got into the run, I kept talking myself up and trying to convince myself that I could do this. At the five mike mark,I was determined to finish it. I told myself I could do this. At that point I really started to believe in myself.

I now know I can do this. Running is a mental game. It’s all in the head. Once you conquer your mind the body will follow.


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