Day 40: week 1- day 2

Today I got in my 8k/5miles and had a time of 1 hr 11 seconds. It was more like 59 minutes and I’m happy about that. My pace was about 7′ 29″ per kilometer. I ran almost the entire way except for this one hill that really got me. I would say a walked a little less than 5 minutes. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be running the hill and hope to get my time down to 50 minutes for five mile. My ideal pace for the marathon is 10min/mile and I want to get to a point where I can sustain this for longer runs.

I also took some advice and ate something before I went for my run. I go for my morning run at about 5:30 am so my usual plan is gt up get dressed and out the door. Today I took some time eat some weetabix cereal and a half cup of milk. It was yummy and I think is the reason why I had a lot of energy today. I plan on doing this daily. One small bar of weetabix seems to do the trick.

Later on today I might get in a walk. Its not really part if my training but I want to get in some miles for a 500k Nike + goal.

Plan for the rest of the day is to drink plenty of water and watch my carbs.


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