Day 40: Marathon training -the beginning.

So now that I have a plan for my marathon other than run until you drop, I’ve done some research to make sure I’m giving myself the best possible chance to finish.

I have come up with a schedule that I think will work. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking along the way.

So here is my week one (10/8-10/14)

Monday : Rest day -but I got in a 7k walk.ooops!

Tuesday : -5 miles / 8k easy with 5k @ tempo- my goal is to set a temp I can sustain at 10min/mile

Wednesday : 6 miles /9.6k easy

Thursday: – cross training. I will do some strenght training to build muscle in my legs. And maybe a 5k walk.

Friday : long run 20k/ 12.5 miles

Saturday : repeat Tuesday – 5miles/8k easy

Sunday : repeat Wednesday 6 miles /9.6k

I have been running for a year and a half now so I’m sure this schedule is doable for me. I know I should probably rest more than one day /week. But I’ll see how the weeks go by and determine if I need more rest.

I have come up with a few rules that I hope will help me.

• have a plan (done that)
• go easy on the easy days and rest to relax my muscles and avoid injury
• Go hard on the hard days. I think I need to push myself on days I am running. I have a tendency to give up and walk in the middle of my runs. If it’s a day to run, I have to run.
• carry a snack on long runs. Preferably an energy bar that I can eat halfway through my run to boost up my sugar level.
• I also read up on “negative splits ” you run the last half of your run faster than the beginning half. This sounds like a good idea so I’ll give it a try.
• I eventually want to break my runs into three categories.
-one long run:- for endurance
-one fast run:- to pace myself
-one speed run:- to build speed.

Does this seem like a solid plan? It’s my first marathon and I really want to finish it.

Next blog post will be a look at wether I can train on a marathon on a lowish carb diet.


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