Day 39: October goals

Obviously I have multiple personalities. It seems I can’t decide whether I want to set goals or not.

Anyways so here I am setting goals again. I tried to name then behavioral instead of weight loss targets.

– Train for my marathon. I’m signed up for a marathon on the 18th November.
• I think I need an actual schedule that will work on my endurance and speed. This past week was my first week of training and all I did was run with no goals in mind. I got in 75 kilometers which I’m proud of.
My goal for this week is to find a schedule I can keep. So far I have decided fridays will be my long runs. At least 20k.

– Drink at least 16 glasses / 4 liters of water everyday
• I have been good at this but I could improve. I want to track this diligently. I feel I lose more when I drink more.

– Keep my carbs under 100g daily.
• I’m not trying to keep a strict low carb diet. But after a few months, I realize I lose steadily when my carbs are low. My plan is to make an average of 700 a week. That way I can indulge on the days I’m going for long runs and keep it lower on rest days and short runs.

– Get to 500 kilometers my October 31st. So far I have 246k since September 1. Now I need to get 254 in the next three weeks. That’s an average of 75 per week which is doable. I think. “/

– Blog regularly. Atleast twice a week.
• my first goal is post a recipe once a week and my weigh in at the end of the week. Hopefully if I come up with interesting things once in a while to fill in the rest of the days. I’m thinking about posting my stats daily e.g. calories, water intake, runs, carbs and exercise. I hope if I have to post them daily, I might be inspired to do them.

-Weigh in only once a week and on Sundays. I get tempted to get on a few times a week which throws me off my game.

At the end of this month. I’ll reexamine and see how well I did


2 thoughts on “Day 39: October goals

  1. Seems like November 18th is a busy day for marathons. My daughter is running half of the Philly Marathon and I’ll be running the Bucks County Marathon, in Bucks County, PA. I’ll keep you in mind during the course of the race. Good luck! You will be fine.

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