Daily exercise and birthday gift to myself

Since giving up my gym membership I haven’t kept up my strength training and I can feel my stomach and sides getting flabby. So I plan on working on my stomach and thighs for 30 minutes each day. I think I need to come up with some type if reward system for each day I complete my 30 minutes, I get something I wouldn’t normally get. Maybe put away some money and get my self something.

My birthday is next month on the 4th Nov. I’m thinking that I should set a huge goal for myself for my birthday. And then get myself a huge reward if I get it.
So after thinking about it, I think I figured out a goal. Currently I weigh 168.2 if my scale is to be trusted. If I weigh in the 150’s by November 4th, I’m getting myself a whole new wardrobe.
My clothes are getting big anyway and I’m reluctant to get new clothes but I think if I weighed atleast 159.9 lbs, I can go out and get new jeans, some tops and maybe a sexy little dress.

So here is my birthday present to myself. If I weigh in at 159.9 or less, I gt a whole new wardrobe. I hope this motivated me to move my butt.
I know this is a difficult goal. It beans ill have to lose an average of 2lbs everyweek which is tough. I’ll try my best and hope my body cooperates.


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