Day 27

Its hard adjusting to not having a gym and the intense cardio I’m used to. The hardest part is not having heavy weights for strength training. I was doing so well with the weights abs I could even see some estimation on my arms and back and shoulder.

I’ve been a bit lazy about looking for exercises that utilize my own weight. That’s my next goal.
My only mode of exercise so far has been going on runs (more like walks with a bit of running.) And watching what I eat.

I weighed in this morning just to see if I was on the right track. I now weigh 168.6. So far I have lost a pound and I am happy about it. I need to get to a place where any loss is good enough and I don’t need huge drops to feel good about my progress. I think I’m going to do away with weight loss goals that are tiene specific e.g lose 4 pounds in a week. I just need to lose period.
Now I only need to lose about 21 pounds to get to a healthy bmi. I’m not putting a time limit to it. I’ll just do my best to get there and soon.

I hope this loss continues.


One thought on “Day 27

  1. check out jillian michael’s “banish fat boost metabolism” workout dvd, it’s all your own body weight, tons of cardio and kicks your booty! It’s like 50 minutes long but the first time I did it, i couldn’t finish! It’s my all time fave, I like to mix it up by using little hand weights for the punching and mixing in some new moves to keep it interesting!

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