Day 24: weigh-in and aha! moment

I weighed in at 169.6.

I’m beginning to think that the 165 was a fluke. I got on 3 times and it said 165. I even went away come back and it was still the same. Anyway I’m only 4 pounds away from it and my goal this week is to get to 165 by the end of the month. That would mean a loss of 0 for the month of September but I’m ok with that.

I had an aha! Moment after looking at my food diary this last month. I’m not on plan as I used to be. Back when I was losing steadily, I was off the rice, potatoes, bread and corn. This past month, I have been eating all those abundantly. I haven’t gone over my calories once, but my food has been heavy on the carbs and not the good ones.

I’m making a pledge to myself. No rice, potatoes, bread or carbs that are nit strictly from green veggies.
I will drink 4 literal of water everyday and I will try and get my protein over 100 gems. This will be a challenge being vegetarian but I plan of getting in a huge amount of tofu and soy beans, eggs and avocado.

As for exercise, I hope to get in 70-100k this week of running. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get rid of the 4 pounds. Weigh-in is on the 30th.

Good choices this week people.


One thought on “Day 24: weigh-in and aha! moment

  1. Have you tried quinoa? My boyfriend and I are trying to eat more vegetarian recipes and we found an amazing casserole with quinoa, corn, cheese and bell peppers. It tasted SO good and a serving provides a ton of protein and comes in just under 400 calories I think. 🙂

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