Running to lose weight

Running goals

I always say I credit most of my weight loss to running. What made running enjoyable for me was getting Nike running. I got the sensor you put in your shoe and use it with an ipod to track your runs.
It tracks your distance, pace and how many calories burned. The best think about Nike running is that the more you run, the higher you go up on your levels.

There are about 6 colour levels

Yellow 0-49km,0-30mi
Orange 50-249km, 31-154mi
Green 250-999km, 155-620mi
Blue 1000-2499km, 621-1552mi
Purple 2500-4999km, 1553-3106mi
Black over 5000km, 3107

As of this morning, I am at 1078.71 which means I am at level blue. I need 1421km to go to get to purple.

It took me a year to get to 1000km and my plan was to take another year to get to 2500. That would mean 1500km by September 1st 2013. I did the calculations and I would only have to do 4km daily to reach my goal. Because ei currently do an average of about 10km daily, I thought I could push myself and see if I could get the 1500km in less time.

Plan number 1 is to gt it done by December 1st. That would mean an average of 115km everyweek for the next 13 weeks. I don’t think I can do that. In order to set more realistic goals, I have decided to give myself the rest of yge year to cover 1000km. This would mean an average of 70km weekly which is completely doable if I get some serious commitment.

I’ll keep track of my weekly runs here to make myself accountable.


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