Day 20: I’m back.

Been gone for a minute buy now I’m back to my regular schedule.

First, I missed my regular Sunday weigh in because I was out of town. Lucky for me (not so lucky though) I weighed-in on Friday where I had not lost a damn ounce. I was still 173 pounds after a whole week of working my butt off.

I got back home last night after a whole weekend of bad eating and almost no water or protein. Just pure carbs and no exercise whatsoever. Well I did get in about 5k walk around the town I visited.

I’ve been feeling really down about my lack of weight-loss and was considering taking a week off from actively trying to lose weight. No exercise, no counting carbs and protein, and no drinking ridiculous amounts of water. Just eat whatever I want but count my calories. My plan was to weigh-in today just so that I can have an accurate read on what a week without exercise would do to my weight.

Lo and behold. I weighed-ed in this morning at 169.7. This is after a weekend of bad eating and no exercise and I’m down almost 3 pounds. Now I’m not so sure about taking a week off exercise. I went for for 7K run this morning and I’m planning on doing another 5K this afternoon. I am staying away from the gym and weight lifting for the rest of the week to see if this change will jumpstart my weightloss again. I really need to get back to my lowest of 165.

I was hoping to get to goal by the end of the year but I feel like the pressure is too much and I’m a bit obsessed with the weight loss thing. I want to take it one day at a time for a while and see how it goes.
Today is food prep for the week. It always helps to have something to eat ready.


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