Day 15

Day 15

I’ve been back on track for 4 days now. Been to the gym everyday this week and have been running everyday. I have logged in 30.34 Kms. About 18.9 miles. Today I even recorded a new time for my kilometer. 5’19”. Yep. I only need to cut out 20 seconds from my time to get under 4 minutes for a 1K.

My eating has been good but not perfect. I am averaging 75g of carbs daily. I wish it was closer to 50. My protein hasn’t been too Goodall either. I think its about 65g. I need it to get up to 100g. My calories are great if not a bit too low.

On a different note, I think I need some type of challenge to motivate me. Or maybe some type of reward system to get me moving.
I like it when I have goals to work towards. I’ll have to think of something.

I’m tempted to weigh in tomorrow to see if I’ve made any progress. Official weigh-in isn’t until Sunday.I’m afraid if I don’t see a significant loss I might lose my momentum. Hopefully that fear will keep me off the scale until Sunday.


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