Day 12: Back in the groove

So I am getting myself back on track. After being sick last week and not going to the gym, I feel better and ready to get the weight loss moving in the right direction.

Today I made a plan for the whole week.
I made a menu and will share the recipes and pictures.
I will go running everyday this week and go to the gym at least five times. I hope I can get in 100K this week on my Nike.

For my breakfast, I made some sausage parties made from soy crumble (TVP) . I will add some eggs and an avocado to it.
For lunch I made some lentil soup. And for dinner I will be making a veggie stirfry with some tofu.
The plan is to drink atleast 10 glasses of water.
Will weigh in again on Sunday to see how what my effort will bring.


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