Day 11: weigh in 2

I can’t believe my weigh-in.
173 lbs.
I haven’t gone over my calories once this week. My carbs were a bit high but that doesnt explain such a gain.
I went running three times. A total of 10 miles.
I went to the gym once this week and got in a 3 hr workout.
The only thing I didn’t do right was drink water.
I was sick this week and aunt Flo came to visit.

So I really don’t understand why my gain is sooo huge.if anything, I should have maintained. Or even lost a pound or so.?
I almost didn’t post this weigh in burning will be honest with this blog. I’m not sure if mu scale is playing tricks on me.

Tomorrow is a new week and I plan to stay on plan and do my best to get back to my lowest weight.


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