Day 9: Back to the gym

I was determined to go to the gym today no matter what. After having the flu all week and skipping the gym I’ve not been feeling myself.
I like that going to the gym has become such a norm for me that going a few days without it gets me out of whack.
I’m not quite myself yet and I felt a bit faint halfway through my workout, but I feel so much better now that I went.
I was there for 2.5hrs. I ran 2.5 kilometers in 15 minutes. Hit the weights for an hour. Worked on my shoulders and thighs.
I also got in an hour of step aerobics.
My eating was on point today. Well except for the piece of coffee cake I had. Still stayed under my carbs and calories.
tomorrow morning I’m off for my 12K run. My goal is to get in 1500K in the next one year.

I’m dreading my weigh-in Sunday :0


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