Day 7:weight loss and shopping for clothes

As an overweight gal, shopping for clothes is the worst. Going into some stores with friends and only buying accessories sucks. Having to shop online because regular stores don’t carry your size takes the fun out of clothes. I also hated the grumpy motherly stuff they call plus size.

After losing over 80 pounds, I can hardly believe what changes I have gone through while shopping. I can pick up almost anything and it will fit. I remember going to tjmaxx and picking clothes to take to the dressing room and stare in horror at my reflection in the mirror. Nothing fit and if it did, the effect was ruined with all the bulges in every direction.

Now I can step into any store and find something that fits. I don’t have to buy clothes because they fit but because I like how they look. I don’t have to be in jeans and a sweatshirt everyday anymore. This was my default look. I can now try on blouses and fancy looking tops and feel like I look great. This is dealt important for a twenty something girl.

I have come to realize that the most important thing about my weight loss is to become stronger and faster and healthier. For my body to function efficiently and be disease free. But I also love the fact that I look a lot beget than I did’s a boost to the ego.

I’m still sick and haven’t been to the gym so far this week. I have a terrible flu and TOM and the same time. Ugghhh. I’m working on my eating but drinking water when I have the flu makes me feel nausea.
I hope I will be back on track by the end of the week and actually have a eating hasn’t been too bad.

I think I will start a tab for my recipes and share with the www.


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