Day 3

Day 3
Had a great day excersise wise. Burned over 1000 calories doing aerobics, running 10K and lifting weights. Worked on biceps and triceps.

Went shooping for new gym clothes. Most of them were a bit snug but my plan is always to buy smaller clothes so I dont burn through then too quickly. I also use it as a guide to wether I am losing inches. When the finally fit. I give a big hallelujah.

My official weigh-in in on Sunday but I’m stepping on the scale tomorrow. Mostly because it’s the first of the month and this way I get a feel of how much I have lost in a month.I’m afraid though.I know I’ve put in the work this week and my eating has been great but I have that gut feeling that I haven’t lost any weight. I just don’t feel lighter. It might also be because TOM is around the Conner and I am bloated like a blowfish.

Anyways we shall find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also a big day for me running wise. I am 12K away from hitting the 1000K run on Nike+. I am so excited. This means I move from the green Color level to Blue. Yay!!!! My plan is to get up at 5:30 and go for my 12K run. I think I’ll do a jig after I am done.

Lets lose some weight 🙂


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