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So I guess every weight loss blots has to start with these basics : how did I get here, when did I realize it was time for a change and how much do I weigh?

1. Like most people with weight issues, I have been overweight most of my life.I believe it started with my love for fries. I love them. If there was one food that made me fat its my love for chips. The greasier the better. I was the fattest of all my friends and had no idea what to do to lose weight. My friends were great and I was popular and so though weight was at the back of my mind it was never a concern. But I did go through what all fat kids do.the name calling by people who don’t know you and the lack of cloths that fit. I never weight myself and so have no idea what I weighed in my teens. In fact the first time I weighed myself was 2010.shocking. I know.

2.when did I realize it was time for a change? Like most people it was a picture. I had joined a gym when i fist went to university and I think I got as low as 190lbs but I never really tracked my loss and have no idea what my highest was.A picture a friend took of me is what prompted me to weigh myself and I believe the highest I ever saw was 247 pounds. I was HUGE. at 5’3″I was morbidly obese and had no idea. So my first recorded weight was on 5/20/2010. I’m sure I was probably higher than that at some point. I wouldn’t be surprised if at a time I had hit the 300’s.

3. I have been tying to lose weight since then but half heartedly at best. I joined My Fitness pal (MFP) in July of 2011 and I have lost about 75 five pounds ( about 30 before mfp) . I took up running and this is how I have lost most if my weight. I count calories using Mfp. I started with 1200 cals and now i’ve up-ed it up to 1400-1700.
As of August 25th I weigh 171.8 pounds. My next weigh in is on the 31st and my goal is to be at 169.4 because this would mean that my BMI is finally out of the 30s and I will be no longer obese but overweight. My next goal is to get to 149 pounds in order to be at the high end of a healthy bmi. I haven’t really decided what my perfect weight would be but I’ll know it when I see it. It mostly includes arbs and the ability to run 7 minute miles for 5 miles straight.

Here are my stats so far.I will make Sundays my weekly weigh ins and will try and be as honest as possible about it. No hiding the gains coz I am sure there will be some.

Height 5’3″
Weight (8/25) 171.8

Neck 12.5
Bust: 38
Below bust:31.5
Arm right: 13
Arm left: 12
Waist :33
L handle: 38
Butt (I measure around the butt):43.5
Hips : 41
R thigh: 27/24/18( I measure three points)
L thigh:26.5/23.5/17.5
R calf :15.5
L calf :15.5

I wish I had started taking my measurements sooner
Here is what I have on record as my starting point. I was not very accurate so bear with me.
Weight 224
Arm 14.5
Below bust:37 (-5.5)
Tummy: 45
Hips: 47
Calf: 18

Goals :
-Run daily
-Weight training 3-5 days a week. I want muscles.
-Eat a health vegetarian diet and eventually become began.
-eat a mainly low carb diet.by this I mean keep it under 100grams net carbs. Its ok if I go a little over.
-Maintain a healthy bmi.

This blog is mainly to keep myself accountable and motivated. I will try to blog at the very least once a week with my weigh in. But will try to post about my exercises and what I’m eating on a daily basis (crossing fingers) .


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